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How to Help Seniors Remember Their Medications

How to Help Seniors Remember Their Medications

Taking medications on time and with the proper dosages is essential to maintain good health and help prevent deterioration of disease. However, a lot of seniors, may find it difficult to adhere to their medication regime. They may benefit from the assistance of a reliable caregiver, who can provide them with medication reminders. Sanctuary Home Care, can provide your love one with a reliable and trained caregiver.

As a company that provides elderly assistance, our care team is trained and experienced in catering to seniors’ needs. We list below a few tips, so you can also help your seniors remember their medications:

  • Use pill-boxes.
    There are a lot of variations of pillboxes nowadays. Traditional pill-boxes are compartmentalized and labeled with the days of the week, while others are also labeled with the hours of the day. Whatever your loved ones’ needs and preferences are, pillboxes will help you get their pills and tablets organized.
  • Set an alarm.
    Smartphones are very helpful and convenient devices since most of us carry one wherever we go. Setting an alarm on your phones will help you remember your seniors’ medication schedules.
  • Ask the help of a home care provider.
    These companies have caregivers that are knowledgeable in helping you keep your loved one safe and comfortable. They are also experienced in keeping track of their clients’ medications. They are also capable of conducting a home assessment for safety measures and educate you about caring for your senior.
  • Use a medication calendar.
    Medication calendars will not only help you remember the dosages and schedules but will also help you keep track of your medicine stock and other medical equipment your loved one needs.

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