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Mobility Aid: Helping Your Loved Ones with Disabilities

Mobility Aid: Helping Your Loved Ones with Disabilities

As a caregiver of someone with a physical disability, you must have the strength and skills to assist them in transferring or moving from one place to another. It’s also best that you get training to develop these skills so as not to compromise your loved one’s safety.

Consequently, you can also enlist the help of a provider of home care in Los Angeles to guide you through it or assist your loved one in your stead.

Being a business that delivers home care service in Hawthorne, California for years, we’ve handled numerous patients with various mobility problems. With our experience, we give you pointers on what you should take not of when assisting your loved one from one place to another:

  • Utilize proper footwear.
    This tip goes for you and your loved one. Make sure that you wear shoes or slippers that have a good grip on the floor and prevent you from slipping while you are lifting or hauling your loved one.
  • Orient them before you move them.
    Communication is the key, so to avoid any incidents from happening, verbally instruct the sequence of the transfer. That way, they can fully cooperate and make it easier for you to carry them.
  • Know your limits.
    As much as possible, don’t lift them when you’re exhausted. It would compromise not only their well-being but yours as well.

Let Sanctuary Home Care be your partner in helping your loved one. We can conduct a home assessment for safety to make sure your home is the safest place for them to be.

Not only that, but we provide hospice care in Orange County as well. Contact us to learn how we can serve you and your loved ones today.

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